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Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB) # R-89-05-0855 for LONG TERM CARE AUDITING SERVICES
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    Final ODJFS Answers and Vendor Questions - 12/12/2007
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    Announcement - 11/27/2007
The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) released this Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB) for the purpose of obtaining auditing services from only Independent Public Accountants (IPAs) for cost reports filed by long term care providers certified under the Medicaid program and of the paid claims for services provided in accordance with the provisions of Section II of this RLB to enable ODJFS; compliance with Ohio Administrative Code Section 5101:3-1-27 and 5101:3-3-21. ODJFS intends to award multiple contracts resulting from this RLB.
ODJFS will select one or more vendors to provide auditing services for performance of the work described in this RLB. The selected vendors will be awarded contracts for a certain number of full-scope and limited-scope audits based upon the vendors' capacity for full and/or limited-scope audits as indicated in their technical proposals.

Attachment A

Required Vendor Information and Certifications

Attachment B

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (W-9) Form

Attachment C 

Declaration of Material Assistance Form

Attachment D

ODJFS Model Contract

Attachment ETechnical Proposal Score Sheet
Attachment FCost Proposal Form

Appendix 1

Agreed Upon Procedures Representations Letter

Appendix 2

Limited Scope Audit Work Program

Appendix 3

Expenditure Testing

Appendix 4

Payroll Work Program

Appendix 5

Minutes Representation - Full Scope Audit

Appendix 6

Personal Allowance Questionnaire - Full Scope Audit

Appendix 7

Full Scope Audit Work Program

Appendix 8

Catalog for Audit Narratives

Appendix 9

Audit Listing of LTC Facilities

Appendix 10

Chart of Accounts

Appendix 10a

NF Chart of Accounts

Appendix 10b

ICF-MR Chart of Accounts

Appendix 11

FY 2004 Medicaid Cost Report

Appendix 11a

NF Medicaid Cost Report - Calendar Year 2005

Appendix 11b

ICF-MR Medicaid Cost Report - Calendar Year 2005

Appendix 12a

Provider’s July 2005 Rate Setting

Appendix 12b

ICF-MR- Medicaid Cost Report - Calendar Year 2006

Appendix 13

Audit Report Input Document

Appendix 14

Medicaid Claims Adjustment Work Sheet

Appendix 15

Proposed Cost Adjustment Sheet

Appendix 16

Equity Memo

Appendix 17

Applying Agreed Upon Procedures Letter

Appendix 18

Engagement Letter Template