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Request for Grant Applications (RFGA)#: R-89-01-8013 for Ohio Children's Trust Fund (OCTF):  Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Project
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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ (ODJFS) announces the release of Request for Grant Applications (RFGA)#:  R-89-01-8013, on behalf of the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund (OCTF) for the Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Project.  The purpose of this RFGA is to obtain qualified Ohio organizations to develop and implement new community-based programs or expand existing community-based programs based upon the Incredible Years (IY) Program.  Interested applicants must propose IY programs which are designed to strengthen and support families in order to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Through this RFGA, ODJFS and OCTF (collectively, the State) intend to award funding to qualified Ohio public (county agencies) or private non-profit (including non-profit civic organizations and community coalition groups) organizations to provide IY programs.  Applicants which are Ohio public governmental agencies (e.g., CDJFS, PCSAs, etc.) as defined by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 307.981 are also eligible to apply.  Entities already employing the IY program with funding from other sources are eligible to apply for the OCTF grant for the expansion of the existing IY program.  The programs selected through this competitive process must demonstrate innovative and effective approaches that strengthen and support families and prevent child abuse and neglect.  All program services must benefit Ohio children and families.

Unless the proposal is submitted by an Ohio public governmental agency, applicant organizations must be recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  All proposals submitted by private non-profit (including non-profit civic organizations and community coalition groups) organizations must include a copy of the applicant organization’s current and valid non-profit Ohio 501(c)3 tax status determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to be eligible for consideration for funding under this project.

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