Job & Family Services Requests for Proposals

Request for Grant Applications (RFGA)#: R-1011-21-8029 for the Together Ohio Community Engagement Partnership Grant Program

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Announcement - 9/8/2009
 Official ODJFS Answers to Applicant Questions

10-06-2009 Clarification Document

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ (ODJFS) releases this Request for Grant Applications (RFGA)number R-1011-21-8029, Together Ohio Community Engagement Partnership Grant Program.  The purpose of this RFGA is to obtain qualified vendors in a regional effort to strengthen families and communities.  The Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (GOFBCI) will combine effective capacity building efforts with innovative community organizing initiatives. Through a new Together Ohio Community Engagement Partnership Grant Program, GOFBCI will partner with six (6) non-profit providers to deliver high quality capacity building training and technical assistance and lead a regional community organizing effort to engage faith-based and community organizations around mentoring youth, foster care & adoptive parenting, financial literacy, the Ohio Benefit Bank, summer food & learning programs, prison & reentry volunteerism, and more across Ohio. 

The Together Ohio Community Engagement Partnership Grant will create sustainable capacity and meaningful partnerships aimed at reducing poverty and strengthening families and communities across Ohio. Successful applicants will have previous experience in grant management, delivering high quality capacity building training, technical assistance, and leading innovative community organizing efforts around issues of poverty and community development.  The selected vendor will be responsible for hosting quarterly capacity building trainings, offering one-on-one technical assistance, and leading a regional community organizing effort around GOFBCI’s Call to Action initiative.

  Actual RFGA (click link)

Amendment on the numbers and types of proposal copies to be submitted


  1. Attachment A     Required Vendor Information and Certifications
  2. Attachment B     Request for Taxpayer Identification (W-9) Form
  3. Attachment C     Declaration of Material Assistance Form
  4. Attachment D     Model Grant
  5. Attachment E     Technical Proposal Score Sheet
  6. Attachment F      Project Budget Forms 

  7. Appendix A        Monthly Reports
  8. Appendix A-1     GOFBCI Reports
  9. Appendix B        Sample Invoice - Detailed
  10. Appendix B-1     Sample Invoice - Overall
  11. Appendix C        Map of Designated Training Regions
  12. Appendix D        Page Number Identification Form
  13. Appendix E        TANF Fact Sheet - Goals
  14. Appendix F        Call to Action Overview