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Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB)#: R-1011-05-8026 for Employment and Income Verfication Services

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    Announcement - June 5, 2009
  2. Questions and Answers - ODJFS received no questions for this RLB

    The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ (ODJFS) releases this Request for Letterhead Bids
    (RLB) #:  R-1011-05-8026, EMPLOYMENT AND INCOME VERIFICATION SERVICES, for the purpose of obtaining a qualified vendor to provide Employment & Income Verification Services.
    The selected vendor will be required to provide ODJFS with access to employment and income data for
    use in monitoring and evaluating County Department of Job and Family Services’ (CDJFS) determinations
    of recipient eligibility for public assistance benefits, including Food Assistance Program, Ohio Works First (OWF), Medicaid, IV-E Foster Care Maintenance and Adoption Assistance benefits.

    RLB - Primary Document
  3. Attachments
    Attachment A - Required Vendor Information And Certifications
    Attachment B - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (W-9) Form
    Attachment C - Declaration of Material Assistance Form
    Attachment D - Technical Proposal Score Sheet 
    Attachment E - ODJFS Model Contract