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PFOF Rule Review Substantive Changes
 Chapter 36 Rule Revisions Summary - 5101:2-36-11
Chapters 33 (1) - PCSA Complaint Review and Report Disposition Appeal Policy
Chapters 33 (2) - Confidentiality and Dissemination of Child Welfare Information
Chapters 33 (3) - Case Records for Children Services
Chapters 33-02 - PCSA Requirement to Participate in Child Protection Oversight and Evaluation 

Chapters 36 and 37 (1)
Chapters 36 and 37 (2)
Chapters 38, 39 and 40

The Ohio's Families and Children Rule Review

There is a new resource that lets you share your thoughts about the administrative rules that govern Ohio’s child and adult protection programs: www.ohiorulereview.org. The purpose of this site is to engage stakeholders earlier in the process, as rules are being developed, and to reduce the need for revision during the formal clearance period.

At OFC, we believe everyone has valuable insights to offer, from child and adult protection professionals to others who care about how Ohio’s programs for families and children are administered. The Partners for Ohio’s Families’ rule review used a similar website to solicit stakeholder input. This new site keeps what you told us you liked without some of the details you found cumbersome.

Every OFC administrative rule is scheduled for review at least once every five years. State law requires this to ensure that each rule still is necessary and relevant. Rules also may be scheduled for review when federal or state laws or policies change.

Rules scheduled for review or amendment will be posted on www.ohiorulereview.org30 days before they begin the promulgation process, and the comment period will remain open for 30 days. Notice about the comment period will be posted as a SACWIS broadcast message, on the SACWIS knowledge base and included in publications such as First Friday. After the comment period closes, the website will produce a report that includes all comments on the rules. OFC policy developers then will consider this feedback in their rule review work.

Unlike the formal clearance process, commenters will not receive a formal OFC response, though rule developers will take comments into account prior to filing with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

Visitors to www.ohiorulereview.org can suggest rules that may benefit from review, select rules they’d like to comment on, view others’ comments, and agree, disagree or respond to comments. The website also has information about the rule-making process and links to additional resources.

The Ohio’s Families and Children Rule Review Site