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County child support enforcement agencies (CSEAs) may first need to locate individuals or obtain additional information before taking certain case activities. Your county CSEA can assist in the location of putative fathers in addition to parents, caretakers, or other individuals on the case for purposes of establishing parentage, or establishing, modifying, or enforcing a child support order.

The CSEA may utilize various state and federal sources, including the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS), to obtain required information. This may include: 

  • Names
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Addresses
  • Employer names and addresses
  • Wages
  • Income
  • Health care coverage
  • Asset or debt information 

It is important to keep your address, employer and health insurance information updated with the CSEA. If the CSEA is attempting to locate another party on the case, please provide your caseworker with any information you may have that may assist them with this process. Some examples of helpful information include: 

  • Full name or aliases that may be used
  • Other individuals with whom the child may be residing
  • Last known address or telephone number
  • Last known employer name, address, or phone number
  • Past or current line of work
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth date
  • If the parent has any children by another person 

And remember, you can always provide any information or updates to your caseworker by sending a message through the secure Child Support Customer Service Web Portal


Last Reviewed 01/12/2022