Job & Family Services Ohio Works First
Ohio Works First (H.B. 408) Work Requirements

Mandatory - 0 to 20 hours

  • Unsubsidized employment
  • Subsidized private and public sector employment
  • Work Experience Program
  • On-the-Job Training, including child care provider
  • Job search, job readiness and job skills training
  • Community service activities
  • Vocational education training (not to exceed 12 months)

Developmental/Alternative - 21 to 30 hours

  • Education activities, e.g. GED and post-secondary
  • Parenting classes and life skills training
  • Participation in alcohol or drug addiction program
  • English as a second language classes

 * Alternative activities are designed for individuals who are exempt or unable to participate in Mandatory work activities -- limited to 20% of all families receiving Ohio Works First benefits.

* Hours and activities for single-parent families.