Job & Family Services Ohio Works First
OWF/PRC Guidance Letters
Letter #(Red indicates the letter has been obsoleted)Issued
1Guidance Letter 14/15/99
2Guidance Letter 2 Update5/19/05
3County Approval of PRC Contingency Plans, Community Plans, and Partnership Agreements6/15/99
4Meeting Family Needs through Multiple Assistance Groups7/16/99
5Guidance Letter 58/24/99
6Reunification Policy8/25/99
7PRC Development Reserve10/22/99
8Responses to PRC Symposium Questions - Program Issues11/2/99
9PRC Data Reporting11/8/99
9aUpdate on PRC Reporting4/5/00
9a-Att.PRC Soft Data Collection Tool Instructions 
9bUpdate on Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC)1/16/01
9b-Att.Monthly County PRC and PRC-DR Soft Services Statistical Report 
10PRC Development Fund Clarification11/24/99
11OWF: Children in the Care of Specified Relatives1/3/99
12Use of Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Funds for Previously Authorized IV-A Medical Services2/5/00
13Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Guidance and State Model Revision #12/5/00
13-Att.1Appendix Program Checklist2/5/00
13-Att.2PRC State Model Revision #12/5/00
13-Att.3Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Application for State Model2/5/00
14Additional Clarification on the Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Development Reserve2/7/00
15Educational Activities2/24/00
16Federal Poverty Guideline Update2/24/00
16aFederal Poverty Guidelines - Revision to Chart3/15/00
17Disaster-Related PRC Program Guidance2/25/00
18Child Safety Review Guidance4/21/00
18-Att.1Lucas County Community Plan of Cooperation4/21/00
18-Att.2Marion County DHS and Marion County CSB4/21/00
18-Att.3Montgomery County DHS (Letter #22-B, Letter #14)4/21/00
19Early Start Expansion3/27/00
19-Att.1Logan County Early Start Services3/17/00
19-Att.2Carroll County Early Start3/17/00
20OWF Work Activity Definitions5/12/00
21Ohio Works First (OWF) Time Limits Information5/12/00
21-Att.1Key Provisions5/12/00
21-Att.2Selection of Countable Individuals on AEITL CRIS-E Screen5/12/00
21-Att.3Tracking Receipt of Assistance and Assistance Group Movement5/12/00
22June 1, 2000 deadline for PRCDR Proposals - Round 35/15/00
23May 17, 2000, TANF Employment and Training Program5/17/00
24Financing Summer Youth Employment and Training Program - SFY20015/17/00
25Child Welfare: PRC6/30/00
26Tax Credits8/1/00
27PRC: Model Notice of Approval of Your Application for Assistance8/1/00
28Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)8/10/00
29Ohio Works First (OWF) Time Limits: Terminations due to the 36-month Limit and Management Tools for the 20% Limit on Hardship Extensions8/8/00
30Plan of Cooperation for Early Start9/25/00
31Individual Development Accounts (IDA) Reporting Form and Instructions10/27/00
32Simplified Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Development Reserve (PRCDR) Project Submissions and Process10/26/00
33Minimum Rent and Hardship Exemption for Hud-Assisted Rental Housing and Cooperative Agreements with Public Housing Authorities10/4/00
34Addressing Service Needs of Victims of Family Violence12/8/00
35Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Voucher Payments to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)12/5/00
35aPrevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Voucher payments to the Deputy Registrar and Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Regional Offices1/16/02
36Project Thaw (Temporary Heating Assistance for Warmth)1/25/01
36-Att.1Project THAW PRC Plan Amendment1/25/01
36-Att.2Project THAW Income Limits1/25/01
36-Att.3Project THAW Application1/25/01
37PRC: Federal Poverty Guideline Update3/9/01
38Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Target Group Validation7/1/01
39Self-Sufficiency Contract Model Revision10/03/01
40Adult Literacy and Child Reading Program12/21/01
41TANF Housing Program Budget Initiative1/16/02
42Federal Poverty Guideline Update3/21/02
42-Att.1Federal Poverty Guideline Measure3/21/02
43Program Reporting Requirements - Appalachian Technology and Workforce Development Initiative (ATWDI)6/12/02
43-Att.1ATWDI Soft Service Reporting Categories6/12/02
43-Att.2ATWDI Hard Service Reporting Categories6/12/02
44TANF County Benefits/Services State Fiscal Year 2003 Matrix7/3/02
45Using PRC to Support Help Me Grow (HMG)8/16/02
46Interstate Tracking of Receipt of TANF Cash Assistance for Time Limit Purposes7/9/02
46-Att.1State Contact List7/9/02
47TANFWRT Reporting Procedures for TANF "Separate Allocations7/11/02
48Ohio Works First (OWF) Time Limits: 36 and 60-Month Time Limits, Good Cause Extensions, and State and Federal Hardship Extensions9/10/02
49Wellness Program10/29/02
50Addressing Employment Barriers1/14/03
50-Att.1Addressing Employment Barriers Attachment1/14/03
51Federal Poverty Guideline Update2/20/03
51-Att.1Federal Poverty Guideline Measure2/20/03
52County Maintenance of PRC Plans4/1/03
53OWF Work Activity Definitions Defined4/19/03
54Earned-Income Tax Credit (EITC)1/12/04
55Federal Poverty Guidelines Updated2/20/04