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Family Stability Policy Letters

The mission of the Office of Family Assistance is to provide customer-focused products and services to maximize the independence and productivity of Ohio's vulnerable citizens, in order to strengthen Ohio's communities. Programs within the Office of Family Assistance include Ohio Works First, Disability Financial Assistance, Refugee Cash and Refugee Social Services, PRC, TANF interagency agreements, and Best Rx.

Beginning in 1999, ODJFS issued a series of guidance letters related to the Ohio Works First (OWF) and Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) programs. In June 2002, the Office of Family Assistance began issuing "Office of Family Assistance Letters," which serve to inform county departments of job and family services about important policy matters, state initiatives, and special programs.

Below are links to the OWF/PRC Guidance Letters and the Office of Family Assistance Letters issued by the Office of Family Assistance.