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The ODJFS County Agency Technical Strategy Committee

The ODJFS County Agency Technical Strategy (OCATS) Committee is a forum for the Office of Information Services (OIS) and County Agencies to discuss review and prioritize information technology services and support matters.  We are hoping this forum will provide an avenue for open dialog, communication and coordination between representatives from ODJFS IS and its partner county agencies concerning technical matters related to the delivery of IT services. 

 The goals and objectives of the committee are:

  • Promote continuous improvement in IT service operations
  • Communicate to OIS management important issues and technical concerns
  • Provide a forum for the exchange and sharing of technical information
  • Foster continued development of State, County and Associations' technical expertise
  • Anticipate and resolve potential problems in a proactive manner
  • Through committee advocacy help to steer and promote future IT directives and initiatives

The membership objective is to achieve diverse representation from across the state, from county agencies of differing size and from all types of partner agencies: CDJFS, CSEA, PCSA and OMJ.  Selected committee members will be representing a specific or targeted group of agencies, i.e. neighboring county agencies or agencies of similar size and mission.

If you would like to receive notifications regarding upcoming meetings, cancellations and other important announcements? Send an email to OCATS_COMMITTEE@jfs.ohio.gov requesting your email address be added to our distribution list. Current committee members are already on the distribution list.


Committee Charter  
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