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We offer services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFWs) through our OhioMeansJobs centers.  
View a sample of our services offered through our OhioMeansJobs centers.  
We also have Migrant Outreach Specialists 
 who can personally help you. 
20 CFR 653 ensures that services are qualitatively equivalent and quantitatively proportionate to services provided to non-MSFWs. 

Definitions of migrant and seasonal farmworkers:

A seasonal farmworker is a person who, during the preceding 12 months, worked at least an aggregate of 25 or more days or parts of days in which some work was performed in farmwork, earned at least half of his/her earned income from farmwork, and was not employed in farmwork year-round by the same employer. For the purposes of this definition only, a farm labor contractor is not considered an employer. Non-migrant individuals who are full-time students are excluded.

A migrant farmworker is a seasonal farmworker
who had to travel to do the farmwork so that he/she was unable to return to his/her permanent residence within the same day. Full-time students traveling in organized groups rather than with their families are excluded.

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