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Military Injury Relief Fund (MIRF) - FAQs

The Military Injury Relief Fund provides grants to service members who were injured while serving in theater under Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) or Operation New Dawn.  The intent is to partly help returning injured veterans and their families make ends meet upon a veteran's return home.

How do I apply for a MIRF grant? 
View our brochure and application. The brochure lists the required documents and the application is on the second page. Applications are also available at your county's Veterans Service Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

My spouse and I were injured and received a Purple Heart under Operation Iraqi Freedom. Can we both apply for MIRF grants?

I cannot locate a copy of my DD-214. Where can I get help with this? 
Contact the Ohio Department of Veterans Services at 1-614-644-0898.

Does my DD-214 have to be a certified copy or notarized? No.

Can I apply more than once?
No. Recent amendments restrict the application and receipt of the grant to a one-time award.

How will I know if my application was received?
You will receive a letter or email from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

How much money will I receive from the grant?
The current amount of the grant is $500.00.

Are grant amounts based on the income of the applicant? No, they are not based on income.

Is MIRF grant money considered taxable income?
No. You will not need to report this on your state or federal income tax return.

I no longer live in Ohio, but I was an Ohio resident at the time of my injury. Can I still apply for a grant?
You must be a resident of the State of Ohio at the time of application.

How long will it take to receive my grant?
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing. During June and July, delays in processing and delivery can be expected due to the end of the fiscal year. Email MIRF@jfs.ohio.go or call us at 1-888-296-7541, Option 5 at any time to inquire about the status of your application.

What if I move while waiting for my MIRF grant? Will my check be forwarded to my new address?
No, checks will not be forwarded. If you move after you have submitted an application, please email your new address to or call 1-888-296-7541, Option 5.

What if there are no funds available when I apply? Will I have to re-apply?
Assuming your original application was approved, you will not have to re-apply.

If I am awarded a grant, can I still receive other services for which I am eligible?
Yes, you can receive other services for which you are eligible.

I am a disabled veteran from the Vietnam-era. Can I apply for a MIRF grant?
No. The MIRF program was established to provide grant money to service members injured while serving on active duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation New Dawn.

If my MIRF application is denied, is there an appeal process I can pursue?
Yes. If your application is denied, a notice of appellate rights will be sent to you detailing the appeals procedure.

I was injured in Iraq, but was dishonorably discharged. Am I still eligible for a MIRF grant?

I am currently stationed out of state, but my state of legal residence at the time of my injury was Ohio. Am I eligible for MIRF?
As long as you have maintained your Ohio residency, as stated on your Leave and Earnings Statement, you are eligible.

Who can I contact to find out the status of my MIRF application?
Call us at 1-800-296-7541, Option 5, or e-mail us at at any time.

If my spouse was killed while serving under OIF/OEF/OND, can the MIRF grant be applied for on their behalf?
Yes. You will still need to provide all required information with the initial application, including a Power of Attorney, since you'll be applying on behalf of the service member.

What if a veteran was injured while serving under OIF/OEF/OND and is incapacitated or unable to apply him/herself? Can MIRF grants be applied for on their behalf?
Yes. You will still need to provide all required information with the initial application, including a Power of Attorney, since you'll be applying on behalf of the service member.

I want to make a donation to the MIRF program. Who should I send my donation to?
You can do so by writing a check payable to the "Ohio Treasurer of State (ODJFS)" and mailing it to:

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Military Injury Relief Fund
P.O. Box 182367
Columbus, OH 43218-2367

                                                                                                Last updated: 02/25/2014