Job & Family Services Unemployment Compensation FAQ's
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Establishing Eligibility for Benefits - Definitions
What is the benefit year?

An unemployment benefit account is set up for 52 consecutive weeks (equal to one calendar year). For this reason, it is also called a "benefit year." Each account will have a beginning and ending date, a "weekly benefit amount" (based on the average weekly wage within the base period and number of allowable dependents) and a "total benefits payable" amount.

IMPORTANT: You can receive no more than the total benefits payable in one benefit year. If benefits are paid at the full weekly benefit amount, the total benefits payable will usually run out in the 26th week or sooner. 
What is a dependency classification?
  The letter A, B, or C identifies the number of dependents used to establish the applicant's claim:
  Class A:   No allowable dependents
  Class B:   One or two allowable dependents
  Class C:   Three or more allowable dependents

Who qualifies as an allowable dependent?
  Certain requirements must be met when claiming a dependent child or spouse on your application.

spouse is allowed as a dependent if he or she has been your spouse for at least 90 days before your benefit year beginning date (or for the length of the marital relationship, if it has existed for less than 90 days) and he or she meets the following four conditions.
  • Is legally married to you.
  • Lives with you.
  • Had income less than 25 percent of your base period average weekly wage.
  • Had more than 50 percent of his or her support provided by you.
 child, stepchild, or adopted child is allowed as a dependent child if both of the following conditions are met.
  • The child is under 18 at the beginning date of the benefit year, or if the child is 18 or older and unable to work because of a permanent mental or physical disability. 
  • You have paid more than half the cost of the child's support for the 90-day period before the beginning date of your benefit year (or for the length of the parental relationship, if less than 90 days).