Job & Family Services Unemployment Compensation FAQ's
Unemployment Compensation FAQ's
   What is a qualifying week?
  You must have worked at least 20 weeks in covered employment during the base period. If you worked for more than one covered employer during the base period, you may still be eligible. Each of these 20 weeks is called a "qualifying week."
   How is the average weekly wage computed?
  The average weekly wage is determined by dividing your total wages for all qualifying weeks in the base period by the total number of qualifying weeks.
  Example:   $32,000  Total wages in the base period
        ÷      32  Qualifying weeks used to figure the total wages
        $  1,000  Average Weekly Wage
  If you file your application during 2014, you must have an average weekly wage (before taxes or other deductions) of at least $233 during the base period. This amount changes each year and applies to the year in which you file your application - not the year in which you worked.