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Youth Labor Laws
The Ohio Legislature and the Ohio Department of Commerce have updated the Work Permit process. As you may be aware, in order to work during the school year, minors must get a work permit. The Ohio Department of Commerce has made much of the permit process available through the Internet.
Students can go to the Ohio Department of Commerce web site, and under Resources, download and print the required Employer and Physician forms. After these forms are completed, the student can then take the forms to their school. If approved, the school will electronically receive notification and print the Work Permit on-the-spot.

The minimum wage, minor labor laws poster, minor work permit pre-application, and the minor wage agreement can also be found under the Resources tab of the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Industrial Compliance.
The Wage & Hour divison investigates complaints related to the Ohio minimum wage, prevailing wage, and the employment of minors in Ohio.
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