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Foreign Labor Certification Programs


For details on the H-2B program changes, go to USDOL announcements.

Our goal is to match U.S. workers with employers' recruitment needs. When workers are not able, willing, qualified, or available to fill these openings, the Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) program can be used to help the employer find qualified workers. 

H-2A Temporary Agricultural 

You can email us the ETA Form 790 and attachments for processing at

Please be sure that:

  • All documents are complete and legible.  Illegible ETA 790s will be returned to the employer. For this reason, we do not accept faxed copies.
  • You sign and date the form. Also type or print name and title.
  • You receive an automatic email from us which lets you know we have received your documents.
  • If  you do not receive this email within 24 hours, call us at 1.888.296.7541 Option 3.
  • We continue to accept ETA 790s submitted by overnight mail. 

    2015 FLC Program Year Update

H-2A Housing

Rental Housing - You must provide an attestation statement for housing in Item 28 (identified as Item 3 information) of the ETA 790.  If you are uncertain of what to put in the statement, you may email us requesting sample wording.  To ensure that the housing meets OSHA standards, you may email us to request a copy of the checklist.

Employer-owned Housing - You must send us an email requesting a housing inspection for the housing identified in Item 3 of the ETA 790.

Hotel/Motel - You must provide a statement on the hotel/motel letterhead providing: 

  • the number of rooms you are renting; and,
  • the dates the rooms will be rented; and,
  • the number of beds in each room; and,
  • whether the rooms provide full cooking and food storage facilities; or,
  • menus from the restaurants in the hotel/motel area  

H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural

Post Your Job Order 

For more information on this and other programs, processing, oversight, and funding, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. 

For more information:

Ohio Foreign Labor Certification Program
Office of Workforce Development  F278
P.O. Box 1618 
Columbus, OH  43216-1618
Phone: 1-888-296-7541, Option # 3  

                                                                                                                  Updated 04/29/2015