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Training for Workforce Development Professionals

The Office of Workforce Development provides technical assistance to local workforce development professionals, Workforce Investment Boards, and community leaders through in-person workshops, video conferences and powerpoint presentations.

Ohio Workforce Case Management System, (OWCMS). View course descriptions on Labor Exchange, WIA, the Discoverer reporting system and how to request a special training or technical assistance visit.

Veterans Workforce Services and Vets First!

Webinar (17:40 min) and transcript by Jeremy Conkle, Assistant Bureau Chief, ODJFS Veteran's Workforce Services 
Webinar, Part 2 (42 min) is also presented by Jeremy Conkle and showcases enhancements to the resources page, along with a detailed explanation of the Veteran Career Information Center.


  Job Seeker webinar and instructional documentation   
  Job Post  webinar and instructional documentation

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TANF Summer Youth


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Workforce Investment Act Presentations
WIA 101: Overview of the Workforce Investment Act 
WIA 201: Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility
WIA 301: Enhancing Performance For Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth
WIA 401: Service Mix and Sequence of Services
WIA 501A: Elements of a WIA Youth Program 
WIA 501B: Elements of a WIA Youth Program 
WIA 601: Intensive Services in the One-Stop
Dislocated Worker Program File Documentation (March 2011) and FAQs
Serving Customers in a Challenging Environment 
Writing More and Better On-the Job Training Agreements (John Chamberlin, November 2010)
Financial & Grants Management and
Cost Principles and Selected Cost Items (Ed Donahue)
How to Make the Most of Your Funding

Legal and Compliance Series (2012)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Limited English Proficiency (Transcript)
Ethics   (Transcript)
Personal Data Security   (Transcript)
Processes for Procurement Planning and Competitive Procurements   (Transcript

Serving Special Populations Series (2013)

Helping Job Seekers with Criminal Records   (Transcript)
Serving At-Risk Youth   (Transcript)
Serving Ex-Offenders   (Transcript)
Serving Migrant Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFW) and
     the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)




 "Kids These Days" Part 1: “Leave Me Alone! Connecting with Traumatized Youth!, and  (Transcript)
"Kids These Days" Part 2: "Get a Job!" Preparing At-Risk Youth for the Workplace by Dr. Steve Parese   (Transcript)

Managing Summer Youth Jobs Programs, Youth Opportunities Unlimited (April 12, 2012)

Youth Eligibility (November 2009)
Youth Program File Documentation (March 2011) and FAQs
Youth Councils Under WIA


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