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Ohio's Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP)

OWCMS Training

OWCMS Update May Newsletter - Desk Aid (05/15/2019)
OWCMS Deployment Update - Document (01/31/2019)
Choosing the Right Program - Desk Aid (10/29/2018)
OWCMS Auto Delete Feature - Desk Aid (09/04/2018)
OWCMS CCMEP Training Videos (04/10/2019)
CCMEP Summer Employment & OWCMS - Webinar (56:06) & PowerPoint (04/13/2017)
Ohio Youth Works & OWCMS - Webinar (37:51) & PowerPoint (04/13/2017)
CCMEP Regional Training PowerPoint - OWCMS (04/12/2017)
OWCMS Training -  Webinar (1:09:00) &   PowerPoint (03/10/2017)  

BIC Cognos Reports

Introduction to BIC Cognos Reports video - Click on "Reports" in the left hand column, then click "BIC Cognos Reports" to find the Introduction, Basic, and Intermediate videos
BIC Cognos 101 Basic - Training Manual (08/01/2018)
BIC Cognos 201 Intermediate - Training Manual (08/01/2018)
BIC Cognos Report Directory - Desk Aid (03/06/2019)

BIC Cognos and OWCMS Data Crosswalk - A data element crosswalk which lets the user know which items in Cognos correspond to which fields in OWCMS. (03/06/2019)

Cognos Performance Webinar (68:00 min) and documentation - In this webinar, participants will learn some basic functions of the Cognos reporting system. We will cover: logging into the system, the key features of the IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboard, and demonstrate how to run the Credential Attainment, the Employed 2nd Quarter after Exit, and the Employed 4th Quarter after Exit Performance reports for the Adult, Dislocated Worker, and CCMEP program areas. (03/05/2019)

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