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Union Verification FAQ  


Most unemployment claimants are required to complete at least two work-search activities for each week of unemployment claimed. Claimants who are members in good standing with a union that has a hiring hall or that refers individuals to work may use their union’s services to meet this work-search requirement. They must maintain their union status and accept any offers of suitable work received through their union hiring hall.
All new claims reporting union affiliation require verification by the union that (1) the union has an active hiring hall and (2) the individual is a union member in good standing. When the union provides this verification to the Office of Unemployment Compensation, the claimant’s work-search requirement status will be changed to “seeking work through the union.” If no verification is provided, the claimant will be required to complete two work-search activities each week.
Q. One fact-finding question asked whether my union is interested in a template. What template are they referring to?
A. The Union Verification Template. The union representative may request this form to expedite the verification process instead of waiting for you to provide the questions. The representative must fax the template back to the processing center at (614)-466-7449 after you have filed for unemployment. You should ask the representative to fax the template on your behalf.

Q. Does my union representative have to complete a Union Verification Template?
A. If you would like to use your union’s services to meet your work-search requirement, the representative must either complete the Union Verification Template or answer the fact-finding questions in your “Notice of Required Action.” If the representative does not do this, you must complete two work-search activities each week that you file a claim, like most other claimants.

Q. How can the union request a Union Verification Template?
A. By emailing Technical Services at

Q. What information does the union have to provide to receive a Union Verification Template?
A. Four things:

  • The union representative’s name
  • The local union number
  • Whether or not the union refers members to jobs
  • Whether or not the member is in good standing with the union
Q. How long will it take to receive the template?
A. Typically within two business days of the receipt of this information.

Q. How much time does the union have to submit the template?
A. Ten business days after the “Notice of Required Action” was issued. The template or fact-finding questions must be completed, signed and returned on or before the deadline date indicated on the fact-finding request. After you have filed for unemployment, the union representative should fax the template to (614) 466-7449.

Q. What should I do while waiting for my union representative to complete the template?
A. You should list your union’s local information as the two work-search activities for your weekly claims. After your union membership is verified, you will receive a “Notice in Change of Work Search Requirements,” and you will no longer have to provide your union’s contact information. However, if it is later found that you were not a union member in good standing, you may be required to repay any benefits received for weeks you listed your union as your two work-search activities.

Q. Are work search requirements waived when a template is submitted?
A. No. Work search requirements are not waived for union members; union members simply use their unions’ services to conduct their work-search activities, instead of on their own. Union members who are unemployment claimants must remain available for work through their hiring/referral halls and accept any and all offers of suitable work made from the union. 

Q. What if my union doesn’t refer members to jobs?
A. If your union does not have a hiring/referral hall or does not refer members to jobs, the union will not receive a Union Verification Template, and you must complete on your own two work-search activities each week.

Q. What happens if my union representative does not return the required documentation by the deadline?
A. If the representative fails to return the documentation by the deadline, you must complete two work search activities, in addition to being available for work through your union hiring/referral hall, until the required documentation is received and approved. If the form is not returned and you did not complete two work search activities each week, you may be required to repay any benefits received.

Q. What happens if I’m behind in paying my union dues?
A. If you are behind in paying your union dues, you will not be considered a member in good standing, and you must complete two work-search activities each week. After you become a member in good standing, the union representative may email
UCTECH@jfs.ohio.gov and ask for a new Union Verification Template. If the representative completes the documentation and your union status is verified, your work-search assignment will be changed to require you to seek work only through your hiring/referral hall.

Q. Where should my union representative send the completed template?
A. Your union representative should fax the completed template to (614) 466-7449 after you have filed for unemployment.

Q. How can union representatives submit verification information for multiple members (10 or more) during large layoffs for the same employer?
A. Instead of submitting the template, union representatives may submit spreadsheets by secured fax to (614) 466-2669. All spreadsheets should contain the following information:

  • Names of affected union members
  • The last four digits of all affected members’ Social Security numbers
  • Whether each claimant is required to seek work solely through the union
  • Whether each claimant is in good standing with the union
  • Whether each claimant is on the union’s hiring hall/job referral list

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my claim?
A. Call your claims processing center. To find your processing center, visit 
http://jfs.ohio.gov/ouio/claims-processing-center-locations.stm and call the number corresponding to the last four digits of your Social Security number.