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Office of Unemployment Compensation
The bureau is responsible for the coordination of reemployment services, as required by state and federal law, for unemployment compensation claimants who are identified as likely to exhaust unemployment compensation benefits. The bureau manages the USDOL grant for reemployment services for UC claimants. Reemployment services are provided primarily through the Office of Local Operations in conjunction with the one-stop system, and include a wide array of services available to assist claimants in an early return to employment.
Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council (UCAC)
The Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council is appointed by the Governor and the leadership of the Ohio General Assembly to review unemployment compensation legislation and rules and to recommend any changes in law to the Governor, the Ohio General Assembly and the Director of ODJFS. The Bureau serves as professional support for the UCAC in the analysis of law and rules as well as the source of research requested by the UCAC in the development of amendments to law and rules.
Unemployment Compensation Legislation and Administrative Rules
The bureau is responsible for tracking federal and state legislation related to the unemployment compensation program, to assure that state UC law meets the requirements of federal law, and to develop amendments to state and federal law and administrative rules.
Unemployment Compensation Program Budget
The bureau serves as the budget coordinator for the federal unemployment insurance administrative grant and related funds supporting administration of the unemployment compensation program. In this role the bureau is the liaison to the ODJFS Fiscal office and other offices within ODJFS with respect to the use and budgeting of unemployment compensation program funds.  
Disclosure of Confidential Wage, Claim and Employer Information

The bureau serves as the gate keeper to assure that information furnished to or maintained in the administration of the unemployment compensation program is confidential and available only for the administration of the program and employment and training functions as permitted by law.


In this capacity, the bureau acts and the liaison to a number of third party public agencies and research organizations in determining whether access to confidential information is permitted and developing information sharing agreements to assure that there are sanctions imposed for unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.

Unemployment Compensation Program Internal Security
The UC program is required by federal and state law to assure that information used in the administration of the program is secure and used only for proper administration of the program. The bureau is responsible for investigation and identification of violations of security policy and to assist in the discipline and potential removal and prosecution of ODJFS employees and others disclosing information or accessing the system for use in unauthorized manner.
Employer Tax Appeals

The bureau is responsible for the review and rendering of reconsideration decisions with respect to unemployment insurance tax determinations under Ohio law. In addition, the bureau represents the agency in appeals of tax reconsideration decisions when they are appealed to the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission.



Employer Seasonal Status Determinations

Ohio law provides for the determination of certain employers as seasonal employers within seasonal industries. Seasonal employers who request seasonal status may be determined to operate in a seasonal period during which unemployment compensation benefits may be paid to their seasonal employees but outside of which the individuals may not be eligible for benefits. The bureau is responsible for the determination of whether an employer meets the requirements of state law to be determined to be seasonal.

Determinations of Unemployment Compensation Benefit Eligibility During Labor Disputes

Ohio law provides for an expedited hearing process in cases involving labor disputes. This special process is administered by the bureau in determining whether the unemployment of individuals who have become unemployed due to the labor dispute are to be disqualified for the duration of the dispute. The bureau identifies labor dispute cases, schedules, and conducts the required hearings, and renders decisions that are appealable to the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission.

Liaison with the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission
Ohio law provides for appeals of unemployment tax and benefit determinations to the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission. The bureau serves as the liaison to the commission to assure that there is a common understanding of unemployment compensation law and policy in administration of the unemployment compensation program.