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Office of Unemployment Compensation


Division of Benefits 


Who We Are
The Division of Benefits is responsible for the development of policies and procedures for the statewide administration of the UC Benefits program. This area provides services to approximately 700,000 individuals filing for unemployment benefits and processes over $1 billion in benefits each year.


The program has two main objectives:

  • To provide temporary and partial wage replacement to involuntarily unemployed workers who were recently employed
  • To help stabilize the economy during recessions 

The U.S. Department of Labor oversees Ohio’s unemployment compensation system but, like other states, Ohio administers its own program.


There are two bureaus within the Division of Benefits: the Bureau of Policy, Training, and Technical Support, and the Bureau of Benefit Payments and Review.  Both work in close coordination with local program delivery operations. Together they support activities that provide economic stabilization to Ohio's workforce through the accurate and timely payment of benefits. They also contain labor costs for Ohio employers through proactive enforcement to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in the UC program.

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