Job & Family Services Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations
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Division of Benefits
Bureau of Benefit Payments and Review

The Bureau of Benefit Payments and Review contains three sections:  Redeterminations and Appeals, Special Claims, and Trade, including the Re-employment and Eligibility Assessment Program (REA).

Redeterminations and Appeals Section
The Redeterminations and Appeals Section accepts and processes appeals pertaining to unemployment eligibility and acts as a liaison between the UC Review Commission and the agency. This section is responsible for reviewing and implementing decisions issued by higher-level appeal authorities, including courts.

Special Claims Section
The Special Claims Processing Center handles claims based upon employment with the military, federal civilian employers, and ODJFS.  In addition, this department processes claims that result from combining wages earned in two or more states; transmits wage information between Ohio and other states, including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, for use in the combined wage program; acts as an intermediary between claimants and other state UC agencies; and administers the Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) program.


Trade and REA Section
The Trade Act programs [Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA)], assist individuals who have become unemployed as a result of increased imports from, or shifts in production to, foreign countries. The goal of the Trade Act programs is to help trade-affected workers return to suitable employment as quickly as possible. To facilitate this goal, TAA-certified workers may access a menu of services that include income support, relocation allowances, job search allowances, and a health coverage tax credit. TAA participants that require retraining in order to obtain suitable employment may receive occupational training.


In addition, the ATAA program for older workers provides an alternative to the benefits offered under the regular TAA program. Participation in ATAA allows older workers, for whom retraining may not be suitable, to accept re-employment at a lower wage and receive a wage subsidy.