Job & Family Services Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations
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ODJFS Claims Processing and Call Center Locations and Contact Information

Below is a listing of ODJFS Claims Processing Center (PC) and Call Center (CC) locations and contact information. It is important to note that "regular" Ohio claims are assigned to the Centers based on the last 4-digits of the claimant's Social Security Number. Other "special" claim types, as listed at the bottom of the chart, are assigned to the Special Claims Unit. You can also download a PDF version of this location list

Social Security # Range
(based on last 4 digits)
Location Phone Number
0000-0679 Cleveland PC 1-866-576-0006
0680-1585 Akron PC 1-866-768-0022
1586-1812 Akron CC 1-866-768-0022
1813-2265 Lorain PC 1-866-849-0029
2266-2567 Lorain CC 1-866-849-0029
2568-3397 Toledo PC 1-800-589-2799
3398-4039 Toledo CC 1-800-589-2799
4040-4718 Franklin PC 1-866-217-0008
4719-4944 Columbus CC 1-866-217-0008
4945-5736 Chillicothe 1-866-244-0399
5737-6906 Reno 1-866-867-0044
6907-7925 Youngstown 1-866-221-0558
7926-8416 Dayton PC 1-866-541-0187
8417-8793 Dayton CC 1-866-541-0187
8794-9999 Lima PC 1-866-272-0118
Combined Wage Claims,
Disaster Unemployment Assistance Claims,
Ex-Military Claims, and
Federal Civilian Employee Claims
Special Claims 1-866-458-0007

You can also contact the Centers by mail at P.O. Box 182212, Columbus, OH 43218-2212 or by FAX at 1-614-466-7449.

On any mailed and/or faxed correspondence, please include: claimant's FULL name, claimant ID and/or the last 4 digits of the SSN.