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The Tools page provides you with valuable links, templates, and instructional documents designed to assist you in managing your agency's finances.
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Financial Reporting:  
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SFAE Reporting:  

      CY2018 Federal Expenditures Templates  

       CY2017 Federal Expenditures Templates  

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    FFATA Reporting:      

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    FTE Reporting:  Resources & Tools 
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    Budget Adjustments/ ExpenditureTransfers:  

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    Allocation Redistribution Information (ARI):  

     SFY 2019  

    SFY 2018  

     SFY 2017 

     SFY 2016              


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    Other BCFTA General Forms:  Other ODJFS forms used by BCFTA as currently referenced in the FAPM:
    • JFS 01994 - Request for Approval to Direct Charge WIA Funds for Equipment
    • JFS 04235 - Income Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) Cost Report