Job & Family Services Office of Fiscal and Monitoring Services
                 This page contains all BCFTA Updates and CFIS Alert communications sent to local agencies.


12/23/20162016-11 Protect Ohio on the Certification of Funds  
12/05/20162016-10 Regional Training Center CFDA Funding Calendar Year 2016  
10/14/20162016-09 4281 SACWIS Changes  
10/06/20162016-08 Food Assistance Earnings  
08/30/20162016-02A State Adoption Incentive  
06/22/20162016-07 FAET Period of Availability  
06/15/20162016-06 New Post Allocated Adjustment of Public Children Services Agency (PCSA)  
06/06/20162016-05 Cost Associated with County Lay-off of Staff for SYF17  
05/27/20162016-04 FAET 100% Coding Update  
05/04/20162016-03 Caretaker child care co-payment reimbursement  
03/01/20162016-02 New PAA for State Adoption Incentive  
02/18/20162016-01 RMS Activity Code 116