Job & Family Services Office of Fiscal and Monitoring Services
This page contains all previous BCFTA Updates and CFIS Alert communications sent to local agencies.
SFY- 2013 
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June 2013  
06/27/20132013-25 Redistribution of Allocation for TANF Summer Youth Funding  
06/26/20132013-24 SFY 14 Medicaid and IM Changes
06/26/20132013-23 Medicaid Allocation Change  
May 2013
05/14/20132013-22 Budget Request                                                                                                            
05/14/20132013-21 Cost Associated with County Lay-off of staff
April 2013
04/05/20132013-20 Sequestration Funding Impact – Title XX Reduction
04/04/20132013-19 Child Support Incentives and Supplemental State CS Match
March 2013
03/11/20132013-18 New RMS Codes for PA and CSEA
February 2013
02/28/20132013-09B State Adoption Incentive Coding Indirect Expenditure Clarification
02/28/20132013-17 Adjustment to a Prior-Period Allocated and Approved (APAA) Expenditure Process
January 2013
01/29/20132013-16 SSO Coding
01/15/20132013-09A State Adoption Coding
01/10/20132013-15 New PA Receipt Coding
December 2012
12/03/20122013-14 Differential Response Webinar
November 2012
11/19/20122013-13 Changes to FAET Allocations
11/09/20122013-12A Differential Response Coding
October 2012
10/29/20122013-12 Differential Response Coding
10/04/20122013-10A CFIS Web New PAA
September 2012
09/26/20122013-11 Federal Pass-Thru Funding Allocation Amounts
09/14/20122013-10 CFIS Web Coding Changes
August 2012
08/30/20122013-09 State Adoption Incentive Program
08/30/20122013-08 CFIS Web Draw Request Deadline Reminder
08/15/20122013-07 September CFIS Web Webinar
08/10/20122013-06 CSEA CFIS Web Code Change
08/01/20122013-05 CFIS Web Coding Changes
July 2012
07/24/20122013-04 SFY13 Income Maintenance and FFY 13 TANF Allocation Methodologies
07/06/20122013-03 IV-E Administration and Training Payments
07/02/20122013-02 CFIS Web Cost Pool Coding Changes
07/02/20122013-01 Draw Change for IM, Federal Food Stamp, Medicaid and SChip