Job & Family Services Office of Fiscal and Monitoring Services
Bureau of County Finance and Technical Assistance
This page contains all previous BCFTA Updates and CFIS Alert communications sent to local agencies.
SFY- 2012  
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June 2012  
06/19/20122012-17 SFY Allocation Notices  
May 2012  
05/03/20122012-16 TANF Summer Youth Employment Program  
April 2012  
04/26/20122012-15 Cost Associated with County Lay-off of Staff  
04/23/20122012-14 WIA Cost Pool  
04/19/20122012-13-2CFIS Web Financials Template (BCFTA Update) CFIS Web Financials Template (Excel)
March 2012  
03/30/20122012-13 New Child Welfare Codes  
February 2012  
02/24/20122012-12 Child Welfare Regional Training Center CFDA Splits for Federal Schedule  
02/22/20122012-11 Remedy Webinar  
January 2012     
01/27/2012Federal Schedule of Expenditures Training Material  
01/26/20122012-07A Flexible Funding Mapping Change  
01/26/20122012-10-2 BCFTA Webinars  
01/06/2012Regional Quarterly Meeting Materials  
01/04/20122012-09-2A Federal Schedule of Expenditures Training Webinar Registration  
December 2011  
12/15/20112012-10-1 Income Maintenance As Child Support Match  
12/13/20112012-09-2 Federal Schedule of Expenditures Training  
November 2011  
October 2011  
10/12/20112012-09-1 Symposium On Meaningful Visitation  
September 2011  
09/30/20112012-08 Child Care Coding  
09/28/20112012-07 H.B. 153 Flexible Funding  
09/26/2011"Review of Current and Upcoming Changes" Training Materials  
09/22/20112012-06 "Review of Current and Upcoming Changes" Training  
August 2011  
08/11/20112012-04 WebRMS Update  
08/11/20112012-03 Child Welfare RMS Coding Update  
08/05/20112012-02 CFIS Web Project  
July 2011  
07/27/20112012-01A SFY 2012 Allocation Changes  
07/01/20112012-01 SFY Allocation Notices