Job & Family Services Office of Fiscal and Monitoring Services

Bureau of County Finance and Technical Assistance  

This page contains all previous BCFTA Updates and CFIS Alert communications sent to local agencies.
SFY- 2011  
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June 2011  
06/14/20112011-25 WebRMS Response Statistics  
06/13/2011webRMS Tools & Training  
06/08/20112011-24 WebRMS Update  
06/03/20112011-23 "What's New for SFY 12" Training  
May 2011  
05/27/2011SFY 2012 Draw Calendar  
05/20/2011webRMS Tools & Training  
05/06/20112011-20A Costs Associated with Layoff of County Staff  
April 2011  
04/19/20112011-22 Allocation Redistribution  
04/19/20112011-21 Web RMS System Training  
04/15/20112011-10E State Funded Allocations  
04/11/20112011-20 Costs Associated with County Layoff of Staff  
04/01/20112011-14C Child and Adult Protective Services Allocation  
04/01/20112011-19 Automated Financial Statements  
March 2011  
03/30/20112011-18 One Stop Resource Sharing  
03/25/20112011-17 Allowable Post Allocated Adjustments  
03/06/20112011-14B Examples of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Foundation Endowment Fund  
03/03/20112011-11A Correction to APS Coding  
February 2011  
02/18/20112011-16 Allocation Redistribution  
02/18/20112011-15 Child Support RMS Code  
02/18/20112011-14A Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Foundation Endowment Fund  
02/11/20112011-14 Child and Adult Protective Services Allocation  
02/09/20112011-13 Food Assistance Performance Bonus  
02/09/20112011-12 WIA Reconciliation and Zero Net Vouchers  
02/09/2011SFY 2011 Draw Calendar Updated  
02/01/20112011-11 Adult Protective Services Coding  
02/01/20112011-10D State Funded Allocations  
January 2011  
01/31/20112011-10C State Funded Allocations  
01/24/2011SFY 2011 Draw Calendar Updated  
December 2010  
12/29/20102011-08C TANF & Title XX Federal Draws  
12/29/20102011-10B State Funded Allocations  
12/22/20102011-02B Clarification for SSRMS Reconciliation & COF Changes  
12/22/20102011-08B TANF & Title XX Federal Draws  
12/21/20102011-10A State Funded Allocations  
12/21/20102011-10 State Funded Allocations  
12/17/20102011-08A TANF & Title XX Federal Draws  
12/09/20102011-09 TANF & Title XX Federal Draws  
12/09/20102011-08 TANF & Title XX Federal Draws  
November 2010  
11/18/20102011-04A Title IV-D Incentive Use Example  
11/08/20102011-07 Rapid Response  
October 2010  
10/15/20102011-06 DOD SNAP & FAET Allocation  
10/14/2010Policy Page Updated  
10/05/20102011-05 April - June 2010 Quarterly Reconciliation - Child Care Services  
10/05/20102011-04 Child Support Funding Update  
10/05/20102011-03 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - Change to CFDA 17.260 Dislocated Worker  
10/05/20102011-02-A Clarification for SSRMS Reconciliation and COF Changes  
September 2010  
09/22/2010Fiscal Supervisor Contact Information Updated  
09/01/20102010-15-A TANF SEP/Expenditure Upload  
August 2010  
08/30/20102011-02 SSRMS Reconciliation and COF Changes  
08/27/2010RMS Desk Guides Updated  
08/10/20102011-01 CSEA Incentive Update  
July 2010  
07/20/20102010-38 Clarification to 06/30/10 Maximus E-Letter  
07/07/20102010-37-A SFY 2011 Clarifications