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A Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) may terminate either IV-D Services, Support Enforcement Program Services (SEPS) or both. When only IV-D Services are terminated, the case becomes Non-IV-D and receives SEPS. When SEPS are terminated, the case is closed. 

IV-D Services

IV-D services include:

  • IRS offset
  • Unemployment compensation withholding
  • IRS disclosure
  • IRS collection
  • Certification to U.S. district court


SEPS include:

  • Location of CP or NCP or AF,
  • Establishment of parentage,
  • Establishment and modification of child support orders and medical support orders,
  • Enforcement of support orders,
  • Collection of support obligations and
  • Any other actions appropriate to child support enforcement.
  1. When IV-D services are terminated, a case will either remain eligible for SEPS or close.
  2. When SEPS are terminated, case will close.
  3. When Public Assistance (PA) terminates, IV-D services cannot be terminated unless the case meets one of the termination of services criteria.
Termination of Services Links & Resources

The Ohio Administrative Code rules related to termination of services can be found at:

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Last Updated 02/19/2013