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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is responsible for supervising the state’s public assistance,  employment services, unemployment compensation, child and adult protective services, adoption, child care, and child support programs. For frequently asked questions about these programs, click here. To contact a specific office within ODJFS, click the appropriate link below.

Please note that Medicaid is administered through the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

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Office of Child Support  

If you have a question about your child support case, please contact your county’s child support enforcement agency. You can find this number here.

  • General:
    Phone (800) 686-1556
    Fax (614) 752-9760
  • Child Support Customer Inquiry Call Center:
    Phone (800) 686-1556
    Fax (614) 995-7159 or (614) 728-5070
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system:
    Phone (800) 860-2555
    TTY/TDD (866) 500-3784
  • Interstate Central Registry:
    Fax (614) 466-6613

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Office of Chief Inspector     

This office maintains security in ODJFS-owned and leased buildings, conducts investigations and is responsible for business continuity.

  • Phone (614) 466-3015
    Fax (614) 466-0207

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 Office of Communications 

This office informs and explains the agency’s programs and services to the news media and other interested parties. It develops brochures, public service announcements and other materials to promote agency initiatives and inform the public about programs and services. Staff in this office do not have access to case-specific information.

  • Phone (614) 466-6650
    Fax (614) 466-0292
    TTY/TDD (866) 221-6700

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Office of Employee and Business Services  

This office manages the agency’s administrative services, including human resources, facility operations and organizational development.

  • Phone (614) 466-2455
    Fax (614) 466-1048

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Office of Families and Children  

This office oversees Ohio’s adoption, foster care, child protective services and adult protective services programs. If you have questions about your case or need services, please contact your county public children services agency. You can find this number here.

  • General:
    Phone (614) 466-1213
    Fax (614) 466-6185
  • Ohio Children's Trust Fund (child abuse and neglect prevention):
    Phone (614) 387-5478
    Fax (614) 752-5229
  • To report child abuse:
    (855) OH-CHILD (855-642-4453)

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Office of Family Assistance     

This office oversees cash and food assistance programs, work support programs for recipients of cash and food assistance, the state’s child care program, refugee programs, and the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood. If you have questions about a specific case or need services, please call your county department of job and family services. You can find this number here.

  • General:
    Phone (614) 466-4815
    Fax (614) 466-1767
  • Family Assistance Customer Inquiry Call Center:
    Phone (866) 244-0071
  • Child Care Help Desk:
    Phone (877) 302-2347
  • Out-of-State Inquiries:
    Fax (614) 466-1767

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Office of Fiscal and Monitoring Services    

This office includes the bureaus of County Finance and Technical Assistance, Grants Management and Federal Reporting Services, Budget and Cost Management, Program Integrity, Monitoring and Consulting Services, Data Management and Reporting, Audit Resolution, and Internal Controls and Compliance.

  • Phone (614) 466-4303
    Fax (614) 995-5004

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Office of Information Services     

 This office is responsible for the development, enhancement and maintenance of all internal and computer systems for the agency.

  • IT Help Desk (for ODJFS network users):
    Phone (800) 686-1580
  • Chief Information Officer:
    Phone (614) 466-2303
  • If you are not an ODJFS network user, please contact the office with which you are doing business.

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Office of Legal and Acquisition Services       

 This office manages the agency’s legal affairs, contractual agreements, and acquisition of good and services.

  • Phone (614) 466-4605
    Fax (614) 752-8298
  • TTY/TDD (866) 221-6700
  • Office of Contracts and Acquisitions:
    Phone (614) 728-5693
    Fax (614) 995-4876
  • Bureau of State Hearings:
    Phone (866) 635-3748
    Fax (614) 728-9574
    TTY/TDD (614) 728-2985

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Office of Legislation     

This office advocates for the agency’s mission and vision before the Ohio General Assembly and Congress and also manages the Constituent Services section, which responds to questions and concerns from customers, legislators and others.

  • Constituent Services:
    Phone (614) 466-9280
    Fax (614) 466-0292
    TTY/TDD (614) 728-0799

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Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations       

If you have a question about your unemployment case, please click here for the phone number to the processing center that has your claim. Processing centers are assigned based on the last four digits of your Social Security number.

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Office of Workforce Development     

This office administers several federal workforce programs and oversees a network of local OhioMeansJobs centers, which provide free job training and other services for Ohioans looking for work and employers seeking workers. Click here to find the OhioMeansJobs Center in your county.

  • General:
    Phone (888) 296-7541 (Option 2)
    Fax (614) 995-1298
  • Bureau of Labor Market Information:
    Phone (614) 752-9494
    Fax (614) 752-9621  

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