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Training Approval Process
To assure high quality training opportunities for staff who are participating
in Step Up To Quality, all instructors and trainings must be approved before
they can be counted toward meeting the specialized training benchmark.
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 Instructor Requirements
An instructor seeking to have their training approved for Step Up To Quality must be able to meet the
following requirements:

  1. Must have a Bachelor's Degree in Education; Human Development and Family Studies; Human
    Ecology; or in a field related to the content area of the training
  2. Must meet ODJFS in-service trainer requirements (Rule 5101:2-12-28 OAC)
  3. Must have a minimum of five years experience in Early Care & Education field
  4. Must have a minimum of two years experience working with adult learners
  5. Must have a minimum of one year experience working directly with children
  6. Must have content area expertise

How to Become an Approved Instructor

All instructors must submit their application through the Training Approval and Scheduling Center on the Ohio
Professional Development Registry at

 Conference and Special Event Approval Process

If you are interested in having conference sessions or special one-time only events such as a national speaker approved, you must apply a minimum of four weeks in advance.

Complete the following forms:

  1. Conference/Special Request Approval Form
  2. Conference Approval Training Matrix

    Submit all of the required information to:
    Step Up To Quality
    Conference/Special Request Approval
    Bureau of Child Care & Development
    P.O. Box 182709
    Columbus, OH 43218-2709
    or email required information to:
The information will be reviewed and the sponsoring agency or organization will be notified of the
Step Up To Quality approved trainings.  
For information or questions email:

 Out of State Conference Approval Process -
Click here for guidelines of acceptable documentation for out of state training
Study Group Professional Development Approval Process
          Updated Information: 
At this time, Coaching and Mentoring are not being approved for Step Up To Quality 
           specialized training.  Study Groups beginning on or after February 1, 2012 will only be 
           approved for a maximum of 15 hours of specialized training.     

  1. Community of Learners FAQ's
  2. Step Up to Quality Community of Learners Application
  3. Step Up to Quality Community of Learners Application Instructions 
  4. Step Up to Quality Community of Learners Memorandum of Commitment

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