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Child Care In Ohio
Helping Families Afford Child Care

Parents who are working or in school can apply for help to pay for their child care in the county where they live by contacting the county department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS). You must choose a licensed child care center, school-age program, head start, or type B home provider or a certified in-home aide provider in order to get help. You will still be required to pay for part of your child care, called a fee or co-payment. The amount you pay is based on your income, family size and how many children that you have in child care. You may be eligible for help to pay for your child care if you receive cash from Ohio Works First (OWF) (formerly called ADC or welfare), if you no longer receive OWF cash assistance or if you never received OWF, but your income is low. You can get more information about the child care program from your County Department of Job and Family Services .


The first document below shows the monthly gross income that a family may receive and be eligible for help to pay for child care, the second shows how much the family's part of the cost called "copayment" would be.


Monthly Gross Income Table effective as of March 2014
Copayment Table effective March 2014