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Child care licensing regulations are designed to reduce the risk of harm to children while they are participating in out of home care. In examining national research, state statistics, and the best practices of states that have been recognized as having effective licensing systems, Ohio has identified those rule areas which could lead to the greatest risk of harm. These rules were also looked at through the lens of meeting three criteria: any non-compliances must be observable, not inferable; they must truly lead to the greatest risk of harm to children; and they must be defendable.  

The most egregious offenses are considered Serious Risk Non-Compliance (SRNC) and are 6 points. Moderate Risk Non-Compliance (MRNC) are 3 points. All other non-compliances are considered ‘low risk’ and valued as 1 point. A program will not be eligible for a star rating or a star rating may be reduced or removed if a program has a 6 point serious risk, or a total of 24 points or  more of serious and moderate risk non-compliances in a 12-month period.   

SRNC/MRNC Point Values  

   Family Child Care  

SRNC/MRNC Reduction and Removal  

   Centers - TA Letter #11  

   Family Child Care - TA Letter #12  

View the Child Care Center and Family Child Care New Inspection Protocol CCCMPL 11.

Compliance Resources       

Getting Started as a New Administrator  

Administrator/Staff Licensing Responsibilities  

Keys to Compliance (Centers only): Keeping Me Safe When I'm Away From Home - JFS 01552   

Systems Guides - these guides contain information and suggestions for systems that programs can implement to help achieve and maintain compliance with the 4 most commonly cited serious risk non-compliances.

1. Systems Guide for Administrative Organization - JFS 01568  
2. Systems Guide to Keeping Children with Health Conditions Safe - JFS 01567 
Systems Guide for Background Checks - JFS 01565 
4. Systems Guide for Maintaining Staff/Child Ratios and Supervision - JFS 01564 
5. Systems Guide for the Proper Administration of Medication - JFS 01566  

  • JFS 01580 Your Prescription for Safely Administering Medication 
  • JFS 01581 Your Prescription for Safely Administering Non-Prescription Medication 
  • JFS 01582 Your Prescription for Safely Caring for Children with Special Health Conditions 
  • JFS 01583 Your Prescription for Safely Caring for Children with Medication and Health Care Needs on Field Trips 
         6. Systems Guide for Maintaining Safe Equipment and Environment - JFS 01563
         7. Systems Guide for Transportation Safety - JFS 01569     
         8. Systems Guide for Proper Infant Care - JFS 01562   
         9. Systems Guide for Professional Development and Health Training - JFS 01559
        10. Systems Guide for Maintaining Outdoor Play Space - JFS 01558 
        11. Systems Guide for Employee and Child Medical Statements - JFS 01560 
        12. Systems Guide for Appropriate Guidance and Management - JFS 01561