Job & Family Services Requests for Proposals
Request for Applications (RFA)#: JFSR1213078038 Ohio Integrated Care Delivery System (ICDS) 

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**ALERTS 8-22-2012**  ODJFS Clarification Letters / Applicant Responses / Revised Applicant Score Grid 

Following protests from ICDS applicants over announced scores, ODJFS requested additional information from applicants for clarification purposes.  Click the following links below to access the applicants' respective clarifications and responses:

ODJFS Clarif. Letter to:                          Applicant Response:

Aetna                                                           Aetna

Anthem                                                       Anthem

Buckeye                                                     Buckeye

Carelink                                                      Carelink

CareSource                                               CareSource

Molina                                                          Molina

Paramount                                                  Paramount

United Healthcare                                     Please refer to **ALERT 8-9-12** for UHC response

WellCare                                                      WellCare

Grid of Applicant Scores per Region--REVISED 8-21-12    Click HERE.

Grid of Applicant Scores per Region

Announcement Letter


**ALERTS 8-20-2012**

1. The ICDS Selection Meeting has been rescheduled for Monday August 27, 2012, beginning at 9:00 A.M.   Additional meeting details will be provided.

2. ODJFS issues responses to five protests made over ICDS Applicant scores.  Click HERE for protest responses.


**ALERT 8-9-12**

Click the following link for Correspondence About the Protests:



**ALERT 8-3-2012**

The ICDS Selection Meeting has been rescheduled for Friday August 17, 2012, beginning at 9:00 A.M.   Additional meeting details will be provided.



Please click below on the vendor's name to view their submitted protest letter.



Paramount Care

United Healthcare



Due to the delay in the announcement of vendor applications and their corresponding scores, ODJFS has extended the protest period from July 13, 2012 to July 18th, 2012.  Any and/or all protests must be received by ODJFS Office of Legal & Acquisition Services at/before 3 p.m., July 18, 2012, as specified in Section III., F., Protest, (pages 21-22) of the RFA.

ALERT*** 7-3-12 - Applicant Score Sheets and Vendor Applications have been provided below:

Score Sheets (click here)

Applications (Click on vendor names below):




Carelink (Coventry)




United Healthcare



ALERT*** 6-19-12 - Regarding Announcement of Application Scoring Results:  To accommodate ongoing discussions between the State and CMMI/CMS regarding ICDS enrollment and implementation for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, the announcement of the RFA scoring will be made by the end of June.   At that time, revisions to the project procurement timeline (as found in the RFA, Section II., A.) will be posted on this web page to display revised dates for any remaining ICDS procurement activities. 


ALERT*** 5-24-12 Clarification and Revision to Appendix C., Clinical Performance, Section I.a., item 4., Instructions. Action by applicants is REQUIRED, click HERE for detailed instructions.


To view the Official Q&A Document click here.


The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) announces the release of Request for Applications (RFA) JFSR1213078038, for the Ohio Integrated Care Delivery System (ICDS).  ODJFS is developing a fully integrated system of care that comprehensively manages the full continuum of Medicare and Medicaid benefits for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees, including LTSS. The ICDS Program will be implemented in select regions across the State beginning January 2013.  Under this RFA, ODJFS will competitively select health plans that demonstrate an ability to effectively manage a comprehensive benefit package for Medicare and Medicaid enrollees subject to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) final approval. 


Actual RFA


Attachment 1      Ohio's Medicare Medicaid Enrollee Proposal

Attachment 2      Example Grids

Attachment 2      ICDS Selection Meeting


Appendix A         Applicant Information and Attestation/Acknowledgement [Updated 5-11-12]

Appendix B         Exhibit B-1 & B-2 [Updated 5-11-12]

Appendix B         Applicant's Contract/Compliance Experience [Updated 5-11-12]   

Appendix C         Clinical Performance [Updated 5-11-12]

Appendix C         Scoring Key: Appendix I.b. Medicaid [Updated 5-11-12]

Appendix C         Scoring Key: For Applicants with BOTH Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare SNP HEDIS Results  [Added 5-11-12]

Appendix C         Scoring Key: For Applicants with ONLY Medicare Advantage Plan HEDIS Results [Updated 5-11-12]

Appendix D         Care Coordination [Updated 5-11-12]

Appendix E         Provider Relations and Incident Management

Appendix F         Innovative Payment Methods [Updated 5-11-12]